Imagine being in your car, both hands on the wheel, you roll into the throttle, as your body gets sucked into the seat, you have the consistent feeling of your feet being pulled from under you. The front tires are fighting for traction at 100+ mph. I did and I pushed the limits of a front wheel drive street car. The car I am speaking of was my '93 Corrado.

To make a long story short, I tried almost every performance part available for VR6. Because I did all the work myself, I started building cars for friends. I was using products that were available at the time and consistently improving on them. In 1996 I took my car to the track to see how my car would do, I ran a 13.2@110mph with a bolt on turbo kit. Eager to improve on this time, I spent the next two years making my Corrado the fastest in the land with a best of 11.10@134mph in 1998. That was a world record for about three years, only to be beaten by our own drag car (first 9 second FWD VW in the world with 800+whp)!

At Schimmel Performance we currently specialize in VW / Audi engine and transmission rebuilds and building custom one-off cars. If you have the desire and budget we can build you a Volkswagen super car. If you work on your car yourself and are just in need of parts, I can provide you with parts that work and the know how to get the results your are looking for. I can show you how to obtain however many hundreds of horsepower and keep it together.

Contact us today and see what Schimmel Performance can do for you.

- Bill Schimmel

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